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Learn fundamentals in drawing and sketching. We will learn line drawing, shading, gesture drawing, cartooning, and proportion. Learn proper pencil technique, work with charcoals and learn to interpret what you see. This course comes with personal sketchbook.


Learn the works of famous artists. Learn brush stroke techniques of Van Gogh and water colour secrets of Monet. Understand the portraits of Picasso and the wild colours of Kandinsky. Learn abstract, pointillism, blending, landscape, realism and more.


A great one for the younger artist. This course gives kids a chance to try a variety of media. Painting, sculpture and drawing are all taught week to week. Learn basic drawing techniques such as shape drawing and proportion. Learn about brush strokes, colour mixing and other painting necessities. Also kids are introduced to pinching and moving clay.


A course that expands kids understanding of sculpture. Work with all kinds of sculpting materials such as clay, plaster, paper mache and wire. Get useful fundamentals and tools to pinch, pull and master the challenging skill of 3D art.


Parent participation course for ages 2-3 years. Class includes basic lessons in colour mixing, shapes and textures. Work together to create projects you’ll want as keepsakes. There will be finger painting, glueing, beading, sensory exploration, crafting and clay fun…lots of exciting ways for little ones to explore their creativity.


A program geared towards tots or beginners in art. A chance for more free expression and playing with a variety of media. Dabble in painting with sponges, fun brushes and of course your fingers! Enjoy playing with cookie cutters in clay or get tactile with rice and pasta glueing.


If you’re thinking about this course then be prepared to get messy head to toe. We explore the wild side of expressing ourselves. Paper mache, splatter painting, hand and feet and even balloon painting!


An introduction to the fun and challenging world of beading design. Make necklaces and bracelets in a variety of styles. Make cool beaded creatures for pins or keychains.


Art doesn’t have to be girly! Here is a course geared towards boys. Lessons may include getting messy with monster making mache, having fast paced fun with car modeling, learning to draw action hero comics and sculpting a dinosaur.


A chance for girls to be girls. Lessons may include flower making and arranging, learning to sew and make cute softies, learning about female artists and painting in their style, making teacups out of clay and beading.


Do you have a story teller at home. In this course we will learn about character, setting and plot. Play creative word games and fun group challenges. Write short stories, poetry and work on picture books. Learn how to design a book and receive lessons in illustration. A great course to improving writing and drawing.


Creative movement in a fun informal environment. Stretch with imaginative poses inspired by yoga. Twirl with ribbon dance, move to the beat of instrumental play, have sing-a-along time, hula hoop and free dance fun. Dress-up time too! Note: this is NOT a formal dance instruction though guest dance teachers will be visiting on occasion.


Kids will create a new craft project each week using glue, paint, glitter, markers, beads, fun textiles and recycled materials.  A great class for those who love to design, decorate, create with new materials each week, and take home their own unique creation.


Ever dreamed of going to Hogwarts? Here is your chance to be a Griffindor! Candy making, delicious chocoate frogs and other gooey delights. Potions science class where things transform and explode. Visit Ollivander’s to choose your wand. Make paper mache brooms and play a game of Quidditch.


Learn to be a princess. Manners, posture, poise, tea party set up and etiquette. Ballroom dancing, dress up, fun with hair and nails to look the part. Sing-a-long with music, make tiaras and magical scepters’. We will be ready when it is time to hit the ball!


One of our NEW programs. Kids get a chance to get hands on with a variety of projects as they learn to do it all by themselves. Sew funky pillows for your room, melt and mold your own chocolate, build a birdhouse, plant your own herb garden, create bath bombs and more.


Another brand NEW program. Whether your child is that outgoing class clown or needing a boost in confidence this program is sure to get them going. Improv silly games, play writing , costume making, and set decorating. Role playing challenges as we introduce kids to important issues like bullying. A great program to gain confidence and skills in public speaking.

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